Introducing Lūbax, a smartphone-based clinical reference to identify skin lesions


Lūbax lets you search by picture. Just take a photo of a skin lesion and our app will search a proprietary image database of diagnosed lesions. (Caution: Lūbax does not replace a doctor qualified to diagnose and treat your condition.)

About Us

Lūbax helps you quickly analyze a skin lesion. It works in a similar way to a textbook, where you might find an image that looks like your skin problem. But while looking this up in a textbook would take a lot of time, Lūbax does it in an instant!
Lūbax is designed to be more than a one-disease app. We have 12,000 diagnosed images and growing. We are beginning trials to review our accuracy as a diagnostic aid for skin cancer lesions (melanoma).
Our aim is to provide a simple, inexpensive software system to identify potentially all types of skin lesions using a smartphone-based platform.
Our system's algorithm is unique among smartphone applications, using sophisticated CBIR (content based image recognition) technology to discriminate skin-lesion types.

We are currently expanding our database and algorithm to include basal and squamous cell carcinomas in addition to amelanotic melanomas. As our database grows, Lūbax will recognize more and more skin diseases.

How it Works

The Algorithm

The Lūbax algorithm works a bit like Google's image search, only ours is specifically designed for skin images. Whereas Google's image search surveys the whole internet, our algorithm uses carefully curated medical images.
Lubax Alorithm

The Database

Lubax Database

Unlike a typical published textbook or atlas, our reference image library is an ever-growing database of diagnosed images edited by our dermatologists.

Currently our database has 12,000 images of benign and malignant skin lesions for clinicians reviewing skin lesions for skin cancer.

The Platform

A smartphone or tablet is the ideal platform for Lūbax. The clinician does not need to obtain expensive hardware solutions or worry about expensive per-use charges per patient. Lūbax is a simple, inexpensive system to identify skin lesions using a smartphone and tablet based platforms.
Lubax Platform


Raymond Chen

Raymond H. Chen, MD, DPhil

President & CEO
Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford trained surgeon & scientist, 20 year experience advising VC, consulting firms, and hospitals
Magnus Snorrason

Magnus Snorrason

Former US defense firm VP founding their Computer Vision division, 20 year experience designing image search and ID algorithms
Magnus Snorrason

Brad Tsai

Entrepreneur, executive and consultant with nearly 20 years of experience in technology and business development
Nelson Scharadin

Hensin Tsao, MD, PhD

Scientific Advisor
Director of Melanoma Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Associate Professor of Dermatology at Harvard Medical School
Robert Asis

Robert Asis

Sr. Software Engineer
Extensive commercial software development experience that includes mobile consumer apps (iOS, Android), high-traffic e-commerce web and B2B e-commerce




555 W 5th St, 31st floor
Los Angeles, CA 90013
+1 323 985 8229


Boston, MA, USA
Bern, Switzerland
Sao Paulo, Brazil

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